Biofeedback and Psychophysiological Research

The NeXus data acquisition systems are used across the fields of psychophysiology, neurophysiology and neuroscience. Whether your interest is physiological monitoring, biofeedback research or neurofeedback research, the NeXus range offers a solution for you.

NeXus Trigger Interface

The NeXus Trigger Interface (NTI) is used to accurately synchronize the physiological parameters being recorded by the NeXus device.

With the NeXus 4, NeXus 10 and the NeXus 32 systems we offer a tool to monitor physiological activity as a response to certain events, stress, sports performance, driving, music, art, language, products, advertisements, etc.  Everyone's nervous system responds to the stimulus of life in sometimes subtle but important ways.  Hundreds of universities, hospitals, and research centers are using the NeXus Biofeedback solutions for measuring health, performance, and behaviour. We offer these systems with 4, 10, or 32 input channels which can be synchronised with external events, video and stimuli via the NeXus Trigger Interface. (see adjacent product link)  The NeXus product line support the following applications:

 Research Applications

Many UK universities and organisations involved in research choose the NeXus systems from MindMedia as they offer significant advantages when the aim is to measure and analyse physiological signals from the human body and brain.

Whether it’s psychophysiology or physiological monitoring you need access to reliable, high performance systems that are as close to “plug-and-play” as you can get. The NeXus range offers 4 to 32 channels with sample rates up to 2 kHz with 24 bit resolution.

With a NeXus unit combined with BioTrace+ Software you have a powerful research tool to measure a wide range of physiological signals as a response to certain events, emotions and stimuli.

Sample applications include

Attention Deficit Disorders (ADD/ADHD), Stress related health problems, Headaches and chronic pain, Surface Electromyography (sEMG support for 4 to 32 channels), Event Related Potentials (ERP/P300), Sportphysiology and performance (wireless monitoring), Pelvic Floor disorders, Cardiovascular research, Heart rate variability (HRV), Hyperventilation and overbreathing, Real-time topographic Neuromapping (brainmaps) and QEEG, Slow cortical potentials (SCP) and Epilepsy, Neuromarketing (human response monitoring), Polysomnography.

Electrophysiological signals

NeXus 10 Biofeedback system with Bluetooth computer connection

  • (Q)EEG, sEMG, ECG, EOG, SCP, ERP, P300

Peripheral signals

  • GSR/ Skin Conductance
  • Temperature
  • Blood volume pulse
  • HRV
  • Respiration
  • SpO2
  • Force
  • Accelerometry
  • HEG

The NeXus systems from Mind Media are built to conform the highest quality standards and can be used for a very wide range of modalities. Some key features are:

  • Active noise cancellation technology for very clean signals;
  • Movement artifact is virtually absent because of high quality carbon coated and actively shielded sensors;
  • Built-in universal DC-wideband amplifier which covers bio-potentials in the range of DC (0) to about 800 Hz;
  • Ultra High Impedance amplifiers (> 10^12 Ohm);
  • DC-EXG amplifiers constantly monitor electrode contact without any need for stopping or interrupting a session, significantly reducing the need for skin preparation.

For a look at Specifications See - The NeXus Range