Comprehensive qEEG plus Neuro and Biofeedback Package

The Nexus-32 is your choice for an advanced qEEG (Quantitative EEG) system.

The NeXus 32 unit

The NeXus 32 unit

It is capable of measuring up to 32 physiological signals simultaneously making it also ideal for demanding research and other sport, clinical, business and training applications. The NeXus-32 biofeedback unit offers up to 24 inputs for unipolar EEG signals. It also has two ExG inputs for up to four channels of EMG, ECG, EOG or bipolar EEG. It offers inputs for four peripheral signals like heart rate, relative blood flow, skin conductance, respiration, temperature, and more. The NeXus-32 also has an extra input for oximetry/ SpO2 or event triggers.



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Nexus-32 system

The NeXus-32 with the NeXus EEG cap


The NeXus-32 comes with its own version of BioTrace+. In addition, clients can opt, for example, for Neuroguide software.

EXG Ground

This cable with a noise isolating carbon coating is used for connecting the measurement system's ground to the client. When recording electrophysiological (EXG) signals (EEG EMG ECG EOG or SCP) a single ground is always required. This ground cable must be used in combination with the EXG or the SCP Sensors. 

NeXus Full Cap (Small, Medium of Large)

The EEG Cap is a 21 channel cap designed according to the 10-20 system. The NeXus EEG Cap has been especially designed for the NeXus-32.

EXG Sensor

The EXG Sensor is a dual channel sensor that delivers 2 channels of EEG, sEMG, ECG, EOG, or any combination of these

Respiration Sensor

The Respiration Sensor is used to monitor abdominal or thoracic breathing. Biofeedback training

BVP Sensor

The BVP Sensor is used for measuring Blood Volume Pulse (BVP) or Heart Rate (HR).

Skin Conduction (EDA)

The Skin Conductance or EDA (Electrodermal activity) Sensor measures sweat gland activity, which is closely correlated with activation of the sympathetic nervous system, arousal and stress.

Temperature Sensor

The Temperature Sensor has been designed for monitoring very small temperature changes in the peripheral extremities.

NeXus Minicap

The Minicap enables an excellent quick way to position electrodes and do up to 4 channels of EEG with a NeXus system.

Other Accessories

  • Earclips of EXG Sensor

  • EEG Disposable Electrodes

  • NuPrep EEG skin preparation gel

  • Ten20 EEG Conducting Gel

  • Ivory EEG Cleaning

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