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Visualise stress and learn to control it with the Pip.

The PIP is a smart, discreet and simple device that helps you to measure and control your body's response to stress. Take a look at the video below for a brilliant explanation on why you might use PIP and how.  It's ideal for home users who don't need the full range of features provided by the NeXus range.

Who uses the Pip?

The Pip is simple enough for anyone of just about any age to use. The device is very small, portable and is self-contained so it fits into your pocket or bag as easily as into your life.

We see Pip being used by business people and executives as a way to quickly de-stress during busy work days; sports people and professional athletes are using to deal with pre-performance nerves and develop mental fitness and as you might expect students are using the Pip to manage their exam-time stress.  It's a great fit into the Fixxl product portfolio because health professionals can use the Pip alongside our NeXus professional biofeedback technology range or RehaCom software for cognitive rehabilitation.  This use anywhere/anytime product extends the reach and impact of everything we do.

How do I know if I'm stressed?

When you become stressed, the body activates its "fight or flight response". This can mean an elevated heart rate, an increased breathing rate and higher sweat gland activity. These are very important physiological responses when faced with sudden dangers (like being chased by a tiger!), however many of our modern day stresses don't require this type of response and we often find ourselves struggling to relax and concentrate.  If we don't deal with stress this can have serious long term health implications.

The PIP allows you to see your body's response to stress by measuring Electrodermal Activity (EDA) - also referred to as Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) -  which is the skin's ability to conduct an electrical current. When we are stressed, we sweat more, meaning that our skin can better conduct electricity. This can be measured very effectively at the fingertips. 

How does the PIP help me relax?

The PIP comes with four custom built companion apps (for iOS and Android phones and tablets) that provide real time visual feedback on your changing stress levels. By visualising your stress levels you can use different techniques to try and control it - you can read all about Biofeedback here

The PIP detects the EDA in your fingertips and sends it to your phone via bluetooth. In the apps this is analysed and translated into engaging visual (and statistical) data that allows you to see and determine your progress.

You can choose from The Loom, Relax & Race, the Stress Tracker and 4 Steps to Mindfulness apps, all created to give you the ultimate immersive, stress relieving experience. If you have five minutes you are going to love PIP.   Whether this is just tracking your stress, giving yourself an opportunity to focus on relaxation (Loom), or training yourself to override stressful feelings even when under pressure (Relax and Race) is at step you can take now to improved health.

By using these visual tools you can immediately see what strategies you use to help you relax work the best, practice them, and incorporate them into your daily routine.  You can get the benefits of meditation and mindfulness without a therapist being beside you.

The Pip is a discreet and effective tool for business when every minute counts

Announcing My Pip

My Pip is a cloud platform for better living.  You can now sync your data with the cloud for greater insights into your training and progress.  The additional insights are a great way to ramp up your motivation.  

My Pip syncs automatically with the four Pip Apps.  Guess what - this resource is free of charge and each Pip owner can create a number of accounts. This means that you can share the benefits of your Pip with family members at home or therapists can create accounts for their clients.

My Pip is HIPAA Compliant

My Pip is a HIPAA compliant cloud platform so you can rest assured that your data are securely stored and your privacy is protected.

Want your own Pip?

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