The NeXus-32 is an advanced qEEG system suitable for biofeedback and neurofeedback applications in the UK/Ireland.

It is capable of measuring up to 32 physiological signals simultaneously making it ideal for demanding research and other sport, clinical, business and training applications. The NeXus-32 biofeedback unit offers up to 24 inputs for unipolar EEG signals. It also has two ExG inputs for up to four channels of EMG, ECG, EOG or bipolar EEG. It offers inputs for four peripheral signals like heart rate, relative blood flow, skin conductance, respiration, temperature, and more. The NeXus-32 also has an extra input for oximetry/ SpO2 or event triggers.

Advantages of the NeXus-32
EEG System

  • Integrated and easy to use system for multimodal biofeedback, neurofeedback or qEEG applications
  • Communicate wirelessly in real-time using Bluetooth for a great deal of freedom, link with a fiber wire USB cable, or store physiological ambulant data on flash memory
  • Clean signals by using Active Noise Cancellation technology and carbon coated cables for minimal artifacts and noise
  • Built with high quality electronics and medical grade technology which enables to perform very reliable and accurate measurements and analysis
  • Use the NeXus Trigger Interface for event synchronization and registering stimuli
  • Highly customizable platform with a wide range of powerful tools for physiological research and signal processing

BioTrace+ Software Features


What really sets the NeXus systems apart is the software that comes as standard. BioTrace+ is user friendly, quick to get started and highly customisable. Unlike many systems, the raw signal data is sent straight from the NeXus device to your computer -  it is not filtered at source - and everything is analysed within the software. 

With a browser like interface you can quickly manage clients and sessions, begin training or analyse data. There is a comprehensive measurement library and a wide choice of screens to choose from. Customise your screen, or your client's in seconds. Just click and go! That is why BioTrace+ is the ultimate platform for biofeedback, neurofeedback and physiological monitoring. Unmatched versatility and power for clinicians and researchers!

  • Easy user interface with standardized workflow
  • Real-time neuromapping

  • Multimodal stress testing
  • Slow Cortical Potentials (SCP) protocol
  • Support for Event Related Potentials (ERP)
  • Advanced feedback options and multimedia
  • Powerful analysis and data export tools
  • Interfacing options, support for NeuroGuide

Read more about BioTrace+ here. 

System Configurations - A Solution To Suit Your Needs

We offer a variety of packages to suit different types of users - or of course you can build one yourself! Our most common configurations are seen here.

The Total Package is our complete solution offering a full suite of biofeedback and neurofeedback monitoring and training options, with the added possibility of qEEG.

The qEEG Package is tailored specifically for those people who want to monitor, train or conduct research with high quality qEEG.

If you are not sure exactly what your requirements are, or are interested in exploring the Total Package, please Contact Us and we'd be happy to talk you through your options.

If you know your requirements, please Ask Us for a Quote.

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