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Stress Profiling

  • Mind Media 2b Louis Eijssenweg Herten, LI, 6049 CD Netherlands (map)

Thursday 7th June 2018

Full Day


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A psychophysiological stress profile is an assessment technique which is used to identify which areas of the client’s physiology needs to be addressed and how. Muscle tension in the shoulders, respiration, heart rate, skin conductance and hand temperature are measured in a 20-minute test. The test starts with a baseline measurement followed by an alternation of mental stressors and recovery periods.

The psychophysiological stress profile shows what happens in the body in response to stress and provides insight into the ability of the client to relax and to regenerate after stress. The stress profile shows the cause of the problems more clearly so the treatment can be tailored better to the specific situation of the client. For the client it means knowledge of his physiology which helps to promote awareness and internal self regulation.  

In this 1-day workshop attendees learn how to perform, analyze and interpret stress profiles and to use the result to determine what kind of therapy is needed for the client.

Instructor: Daniëlle Matto
Language: English