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Biofeedback for Peak Performance

  • Birkbeck - University of London 43 Gordon Square London, England, WC1H 0PD United Kingdom (map)
Biofeedback for Sport

Thursday 25th & Friday 26th May, 2017

Thursday: 9.30am - 5pm
Friday: 9.30am - 3pm

£225 Early Bird (until 30th April)
£250 Standard

This 2 day course emphasises hands on experience with biofeedback devices so you can learn techniques that you can use straight away. 

This highly practical course is suitable for novice or experienced coaches, athletes and students and who want to use biofeedback to improve their / their clients sporting performance. 

It combines the knowledge of physiology, mental training, emotional management, sport psychology & psychophysiology. The course covers main aspects of using biofeedback devices and techniques directly with your team, individual clients or students.

We’ll also do our best to include sports specific examples that you can try in the workshop environment - provided you tell us your area of interest on sign up. 

You will leave with…

  • hands on experience with a range of biofeedback equipment
  • an understanding of physiological signals & how to measure them
  • techniques for using biofeedback training in your coaching / training / research
  • resources for further reading and application of techniques

Who Is It For?

  • Sport Scientists
  • Sports Psychologists
  • Coaches
  • Researchers / Lecturers
  • Athletes


What the Course Covers:

Biofeedback for Performance

  • The purpose and usage of each modality in different types of sport for focus training, stress and anxiety management.
  • How to apply biofeedback techniques into your existing practice / coaching
  • Sport psychology methods such visualisation, relaxation, cognitive training, etc that can be used in conjunction with biofeedback
  • Real world examples. Learn from case studies, research and experience. 

Practical Examples

  • Try a range of devices for yourself! (inc NeXus, PIP, Polar H7, smartphone apps)
  • Measure modalities on yourself / workshop attendees
  • Test your skills by employing biofeedback techniques 
  • Role-play / Testing: Lead a biofeedback session on your chosen modality
  • Laboratory techniques

Biofeedback Modalities:
Measure, observe and train...

  • skin conductance (GSR/EDA)
  • temperature
  • heart rate variability (HRV)
  • respiration
  • uscle tension (EMG)

Other Applications
We will cover other areas for application and exploration -  injury recovery, rehabilitation, concussions & TBI, sleep issues, mental health problems of athletes, coaches and referees.

About the Course Tutors


Zuzana Radacovska, (MA Psych) is an experienced psychologist, performance coach, and biofeedback practitioner.

She helps busy professionals, emergency workers, and athletes to overcome mental challenges and improve performance using best knowledge and expertise of sport psychology, physiology, neuroscience and advancements in technology. Zuzana currently works with elite team of Slovak sprint kayakers and canoeists, including Peter Gelle, World Champion and two times Olympian. Her full range of clients cover children & youth with ADHD and behavioural issues, high executives, entrepreneurs, financial advisors, professional speakers, poker players, pilots, professional and amateur golfers, athletes competing in football, volleyball, triathlon, car racing, swimming and judo.

Carolyn Jones, Managing Director of Fixxl Ltd is an entrepreneur and high performer with a passion for personal fitness and putting technology to work.

She helps people get their lives back on track following a catastrophic injury by blending technology with know-how to enable and inspire people to overcome the challenge of disability.  Carolyn created Fixxl Ltd to bring “Technology to Life” and partnered with Mind Media BV, a leading manufacturer, to offer the NeXus biofeedback products in the UK and Ireland.   From an original background in the theatre and arts, Carolyn has gained diverse experience in marketing, and business development within the public and private sectors.  Her charitable work puts her in touch with disabled athletes who are dedicated to achieving both personal and sporting goals.

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