Finding Higher Performance with Neurofeedback

NeXus EEG headset with NeXus 10 and Biotrace+ software

We know that biofeedback can help train many physical aspects of sport performance.  Wouldn't it be great if such a technique could be used to develop cognitive strength, or mental agility based on brain activity? Neurofeedback is the branch of biofeedback that aims to do just that. 

Neurofeedback aims to provide athletes and sports people the means to gain improved mind management, enhanced self-awareness, improved mental performance such as creativity, concentration and memory.  Sounds miraculous but this approach is already in use by some of the leading performers in sport today.

How does it work?

Using modern equipment such as the NeXus range of systems, it is possible to record the electrical acticity of the brain, amplify and filter this signal and identify it's characteristic nature. Information about aspects of this signal are fed back to the trainee usually in audio/visual form.  This so-called feedback loop represents a technique that is commonly referred to as Neurofeedback or sometimes EEG Biofeedback. The aim of this training is to allow the individual to instantly identify changes in brain activity that are associated with distinct patterns of thought, states of arousal, or feelings. Once such a level of awareness is gained, the individual should be capable of recreating these states of arousal at will - in effect by learning to regulate their own EEG activity.  For each and every one of us, our feelings shape our thoughts which then determine what behaviours (and performance) are possible for us.

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