System Features

The Mind Media physiological measurement systems are built to conform to the highest quality standards and can be used for a very wide range of modalities. Some key features are:
• Active noise cancellation technology for very clean signals
• Movement artefact is virtually absent because of high quality carbon coated and actively shielded sensors
• Built-in universal DC wideband amplifier which covers bio-potentials in the range of DC (0) to about 800 Hz
• Ultra High Impedance amplifiers (> 10^12 Ohm)
• DC-EXG amplifiers constantly monitor electrode contact without any need for stopping or interrupting a session, significantly reducing the need for skin preparation
Synchronisation of events and stimuli
In order to accurately synchronise events, triggers can be sent to the NeXus-10 or NeXus-32 through the NeXus Trigger Interface (NTI).
The NTI monitors stimuli/events (sound, light, RS232) and synchronises these with the physiological signals acquired by the NeXus. Different types of events can be monitored simultaneously. The NTI measures all of its inputs with 2048 samples/second. By use of RS232, the NeXus can also acquire events sent by E-prime and Presentation.
Data export.
Raw or computed data including event markers and segments can be exported into standard ASCII (tab or comma delimited), EDF(+) or other file formats which are compatible with e.g. Excel, Matlab, and SPSS.
Build custom screens and scripts
BioTrace+ has highly configurable screens and a script editor. In the screen editor, mode screens can be customised or built from scratch. The script editor can be used to create a sequence of screens as with E-prime or Presentation.
Interface to live binary output file
Interface other software to binary (double {80}) output files generated by the NeXus and BioTrace+. Current actual value for every data channel (raw and computed) is written to this file each time the monitor is updated (+- 10-20 times/second depending on system resources). Ideal for having real-time data available in your own applications without having to program complete interfaces.
Also take a look at the SDK for more interfacing options.
Software Developer Kit (SDK)
The SDK provides you the tools for custom programming within BioTrace+ or you can create your own C++ program interfacing with the raw data of the NeXus.
Access to live raw data stream
NeXus data can be directly accessed without using the BioTrace+ software.
The DLL (located within a DEMO-project) can be used for direct access to the NeXus data from within your own application. Working with this option gives you access to the complete realtime data stream.
The DLL contains 3 primary functions: -
Init; Initialises the DLL and connects with the NeXus; During initialisation a callback function address should be passed. This callback function will be called by the DLL for every data sample that will be received from the recording device. -
Start; Starts data acquisition. Data acquisition is started at the requested sample rate (sample rates must be suitable for the recording device, otherwise the sample rate is adjusted) -
Stop; Stops the data acquisition. Data acquisition is stopped.
Contact us for a small movie of the demo application and the basic usage of the DLL. (The how to use information is included in the source files when you open the project in visual studio). Note: Available after purchase of system and signing of Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA).
Flash animation and game interface
Plugin custom visualisation instrument
This option is available if you want to have a custom visualisation instrument in BioTrace screens.  With this option you can write your own Instrument that will get data from a maximum of 4 channels from the BioTrace software. It will also get a part of the screen to display it's result. An Example is the Mandala instrument. Note: Available after purchase of system and signing of Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA).