biotrace+ software

Biotrace software for biofeedback and neurofeedback

Your biofeedback technique needs reliable and easy to use hardware.  We feel that the NeXus systems are the best total solution for Biofeedback and Neurofeedback applications, physiological monitoring and training.  The hardware is only part of the success story.  BioTrace+ software is a key to the whole system because it allows the professional to focus more on the application and less on the technical detail.

Why is BioTrace+ software important?

Once you have a reliable, clean signal you need to know that you can see, analyse and use this information effectively. Unlike many systems, the NeXus 4, NeXus 10 or NeXus 32 unit sends the full, unfiltered signal to your computer for interpretation. (This is especially important in research applications)

BioTrace+ is the powerful and complex software package that comes with every NeXus system. The algorithms used are set for precise assessment and analysis. You can easily navigate the software, with its browser like interface, to explore all the available (and expanding) libraries and screens. 

We know your time is precious. The time you have with your client is valuable so setup time needs to be as quick and efficient as possible. With NeXus and BioTrace+, getting started is as easy as 'click and go'!  The hardware and software liberate your biofedback techniques.

Dual Screen support with BioTrace software

BioTrace+ has true dual monitor setup to allow a separate therapist and client screen when you use two monitors. To make the experience even better the therapist can easily customise each screen with a few clicks, offering a seamless and individualised experience. 

Therapist's Screen in BioTrace+

Therapist's Screen in BioTrace+

Client's Screen in BioTrace+

Client's Screen in BioTrace+


Benefits for the Therapist
On the therapist screen you can easily change multiple feedback settings for the client including; training direction, threshold modes, frequency bands and the feedback type. Everyone is different and they may have a feedback preference eg. animation, video, game, audio. You can quickly switch between different types of multimedia feedback to suit your client. And, with session controls you can add markers, open training screens, control sessions or see an overview to analyse the data.

Benefits for the Client
The client won't be distracted by the information you need to see or any changes you make. The visual or audio feedback they see or hear can be catered to suit their tastes or responsiveness and changed in a few simple clicks. The simplicity of changing a screen means that the session does not have to be broken or interrupted, giving the client the best possible experience. 


BioTrace+ Software is Powerful and Flexible

Manage Clients - Setup, store and track all your clients in the inbuilt client database. Their customised experience is stored for each session. 

Analyse and Report - Quickly and powerfully compute statistics and export in a variety of formats to use in other programmes such as Excel, Matlab or a variety of qEEG databases. 

Developer Tools - Build your very own unique training setup, protocol or script. 

Best Value - No need for extra modules. This is an all-in-one solution for a wide range of biofeedback, neurofeedback, physiology, EMG, HRV and EEG.