Ten20 EEG Conducting Gel - 3 Pack, 4oz tubs

Ten20 EEG Conducting Gel - 3 Pack, 4oz tubs


3-pack of 4 oz tubes

The Ten20 EEG Conducting Gel is an electrode paste that is used both as adhesive and as conducting paste for EEG measurements.

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Ten20 paste is both an adhesive and a conductive paste that can be used with non disposable electrodes.  The paste is an essential component of the researcher / therapist's toolkit when conducting EEG. The Ten20 brand is trusted globally for allowing the optimum transmittance of electrical signals, whilst providing an effective and comfortable level of adhesiveness. 

The resealable packaging means you can store it properly and keep your paste in good condition. The adhesive is strong enough to allow for a reliable measurement but does not dry, is washable, and is easy to clean up.

Preparation: We recommend using Nuprep as an abrasive skin preparation gel. Apply the gel to our EEG Disc Electrodes or NeXus Minicap Electrodes.

Cleaning: We recommend cleaning electrodes with lukewarm water or Ivory