NeXus Microcap

NeXus Microcap


The Microcap is designed to quickly enable standard EEG/Neurofeedback with a NeXus neurofeedback system.

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It is an excellent alternative for the NeXus Minicap if you don't like the chinstrap. This EEG Microcap is made of stretchy rubber material, which keeps the cap in place.

The NeXus Microcap can be used with the NeXus EXG Sensor (TP). Just connect EEG electrodes and position them beneath the cap. The EEG Minicap Electrodes can be applied with just Electrogel (applied with a Syringe and Blunt needle) or by using Nuprep and Ten20.

We recommend using our Earclips EXG Sensor or Earclips Minicap Electrodes.