NeXus EEG Cap (21 channel)

NeXus EEG Cap (21 channel)


The EEG Cap is a 21 channel cap according to the 10-20 system. The NeXus EEG Cap has been especially designed for the NeXus-32.

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This EEG cap does not require the purchase of separate electrodes, since the electrodes are already built in to the cap. The cap contains 21 sintered electrodes and can be used hundreds of times.

The NeXus EEG Cap is made of stretchy, comfortable material and comes in three sizes:

  • Small (50-54)
  • Medium (54-58 )
  • Large (58-62)

The rubber suction cups on the inside of the cap keep it in place and prevent unwanted leakage of Electrogel. All cables are carbon coated and use our active noise cancellation technology to reduce artifacts to a minimum.

IMPORTANT - In order to use this cap the Adapter NeXus EEG cap is required.