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EEG predictors of neuropathic pain

A recent study looked at treating Central Neuropathic Pain using neurofeedback. Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) affects a person's ability to move and feel sensation in the body. SCI is also an indirect cause of Central Neuropathic Pain (CNP). This pain typically develops several months after the injury. In 30-40% of SCI patients, severe CNP affects their everyday living including sleep and mood. Many patients give up work, not because of the injury, but because of pain. Medical treatment of CNP is moderately effective and costly, both to the patient and to the health care system.

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Biofeedback and musculoskeletal disorders

Biofeedback can help Work related musculoskeletal disorders (WRMD) which are a major source of lost productivity and disability. LIght duty and computer operation are typical of those jobs in which muscle loads are low but static postures and repetitive actions lead to problems. We may monitor the trapezius muscle as well as respiration rate, skin temperature and more to identify issues and set a foundation for effective retraining

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Neuroplasticity and chronic pain

Neuroplasticity is usually thought of as a good thing and associated with the recovery of function.  However, neuroplasticity can "go wrong" in the case of chronic pain.  Biofeedback techniques can deal with chronic pain in a unique, multi-modal approach - impacting upon the functioning of all three parts of the nervous system.

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