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Biofeedback software you need

The biofeedback software you choose as a professional needs to complement great hardware. In the bad-old-days you needed a degree in engineering to make everything work. The NeXus biofeeback approach sets you free to focus on your application

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Looking for the best biofeedback devices?

The NeXus systems offer in our view the best biofeedback multimodal/multichannel solutions. They are for ideal for high performance measurement, analysis and feedback of human behaviour and for professional use in health and performance applications.  Having said that, what is judged the "best" biofeedback product will always ultimately be shaped by the nature of the application.

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How to squeeze the magic from biofeedback

In earlier articles we have looked at what can be achieved with the diligent application of biofeedback and neurofeedback in various areas.  We have expalined why biofeedback therapy is a misnomer to us.  Biofeedback is a training approach requiring active participation from the client.  But there are some fundamental issues to grasp.  In this article we spell out what we see as the foundation requirements for effective biofeedback and neurofeedback practice

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