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HRV training with Biotrace+

Heart rate variability (HRV) refers to the natural variability of the intervals between consecutive heart beats.  High HRV is a good thing and associated with overall health. Applications include high performance sport training and HRV biofeedback tools are embedded in the Biotrace+ software for the NeXus systems.

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Biofeedback, BVP, HRVDerek Jones
Peak performance and stress

Stress damages the prospect of peak performance? Or does it?.  As we will see - it depends.  Conventional wisdom suggests that we need some stress to perform but the devil is in the detail. What do we mean by a little stress? It's something that people say but in practical terms its hard to pin down the consequences.  We see some thrive and some struggle when presented with the same situation. Can biofeedback help?

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Looking for the best biofeedback devices?

The NeXus systems offer in our view the best biofeedback multimodal/multichannel solutions. They are for ideal for high performance measurement, analysis and feedback of human behaviour and for professional use in health and performance applications.  Having said that, what is judged the "best" biofeedback product will always ultimately be shaped by the nature of the application.

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