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Neurofeedback's (r)evolution

Calling neurofeedback a revolution is maybe a bit strong for some people, but it is sn important development amongst a number of technologies that expliot brain plasticity and impact upon mental dysfunction.  This emergent technology goes against some well entrenched beliefs, practices and resistant economic interests. 

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Apatheia - A state to strive for

What is the one thing I wish I had been taught at school?  Probably it would be the art of not panicking.  It's a skill that eludes many if not most of us.  The obstacles that we face from day to day make us emotional and emotions can be hard to deal with.  Have you noticed that stuff always happens - the events of life take us by surprise and that which seemed so permanent just yesterday evaporates and reminds us of the impermanence of it all.

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The history of neurofeedback

Neurofeedback is founded on two (not so simple) facts: Firstly, a brain’s state (including any dysfunction or dysregulation) is objectively reflected in parameters of EEG recorded from the scalp and secondly a human brain has plasticity to memorise the desired (and thereby, rewarded) state of the brain.

These two paragraphs can be stated with confidence due to many decades of research and empirical observation that have taken place - and the story is not over - there is much still to learn.  In this article we look at the history of neurofeedback.

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