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Biofeedback starter system for athletes

Biofeedback tools and techniques are applied by elite athletes in many sports. Athletes care about performance and these days understand that their success doesn't depend on strength alone.  At the peak of physical strength, the difference can be made by the mental focus of an athlete, especially when performing under high pressure.  Here is our take on a biofeedback starter system

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Zukor games for engaging biofeedback

The NeXus BioTrace+ software integrates closely with the Zukor games, providing options for really engaging game content that expands on BioTrace+'s built in options. This article looks briefly at how this works. Biofeedback and neurofeedback are particularly effective when the feedback is engaging. For some client groups this means GAMES - that are controlled by the nature and quality of the clients engagement with a task.  Some of the most engaging games on the market for biofeedback are produced by Zukor Games.

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