New BioTrace+ version released

BioTrace+ V2018A is the latest release of the software control platform for the NeXus biofeedback systems. This version contains new or improved functionality. It also includes general improvements for more stability, better quality, and higher performance. BioTrace+ V2018A is now available for download from the mind site

What's new?

  • Audio and Video Library is redesigned for easy importing and storing of audio and video files.

  • EEG FFT Analysis has a new user interface with improved analysis and reporting functionality for 2, 4 and 19 channel EEG FFT reports and export to Excel.

  • NeuroMapping Report is optimized for a better visualization of the data (NeXus-32 only).

  • Search for quickly searching by last name in the Client and Session Database or when starting a recording.

  • Updated and improved screens for EEG, Z-Score, EMG, HRV, Temperature and Respiration.

  • Quick Start Guides for getting started with NeXus and BioTrace+ Software. Take a look at our documentation page.

  • General improvements and fixes for Line Graph Grid, Client Confidentiality, BioTrace+ Activation, Water Ripple Feedback, Notch Filter Settings, Script Editor, Animations, Reward Scores and Pacer Settings.