Biofeedback software you need

The biofeedback software you choose as a professional needs to complement great hardware. In the bad-old-days you needed a degree in electrical engineering and computer science to make everything work and what you really wanted to do - gather some data - was elusive. 

These days you should expect your biofeedback or neurofeedback hardware, software and sensors to work with close to plug and play efficiency.  This is what we promise with the NeXus system across a wide range of applications - whether your field is clinical, sport, business or education.

When developing BioTrace+ software Mind Media tried to get the right balance between ease of use and power plus flexibility.  BioTrace+ is designed to be the ultimate platform for biofeedback, neurofeedback, qEEG and physiological research applications.

Versions are provided with each of the MindMedia biofeedback machines- the NeXus 4, NeXus 10 and NeXus 32.  The software most of all provides a user-friendly interface to manage training and store client data.

You can easily navigate through the wide collection of pre-designed training screens in a familiar browser-style environment. Individualising training has become easier too by providing easy to change settings you can configure for the situation.

BioTrace+ biofeedback software brings you.

  • Limitless flexibility for training applications
  • Versatile multimedia feedback options
  • Support for a dual monitor setup - operator screen and patient/subject screen
  • Personalised feedback screens
  • Creation of your own training protocols and custom screens
  • Easy setup - In-software help guides you to the correct connections and settings Powerful analysis and reporting tools
  • Import and export of several data formats including raw data
  • Artefact management and control for the cleanest data
  • Advanced, flexible feedback tools for individualised training
  • Mark important events in the data
  • Client database is built in for storing relevant information and session data
  • Inter and intra-session evaluation reports so you can see what has changed
  • All in one package designed to be plug-and-play with the NeXus sensors
  • External triggering of data capture to synchronise with external events (NeXus 10 and 32 only)


MethodsDerek Jones