Zukor games for engaging biofeedback

Biofeedback and neurofeedback are particularly effective when the feedback is engaging. For some client groups this means GAMES - that are controlled by the nature and quality of the clients engagement with a task.  Some of the most engaging games on the market for biofeedback are produced by Zukor Games.

The NeXus BioTrace+ software integrates closely with the Zukor games, providing options for really engaging game content that expands on BioTrace+'s built in options. This article looks briefly at how this works.

The neurophysiological feedback loop

A typical biofeedback session aims to train a client to change and reinforce some useful physiological behaviour by first generating awareness of the current state of that behaviour via feedback.  The image above illustrates how this may typically involve monitoring signals such as the EEG, EMG, HRV, Respiration rate, Skin Conductance (EDA) or temperature. Feedback is provided via multimedia means based on achieving useful levels of performance.

The client learns by having "successful behaviour" (related to these signal levels) rewarded via the feedback.  The nature of the feedback presented and exactly how behaviour is reinforced are important matters. We wouldn't expect a 50 year old male and a 15 year old female to be motivated by the same types of feedback for example.  In a popular arrangement the client sees a screen with some type of engaging content whilst the operator uses a monitoring screen such as below.

Typical NeXus dual-screen layout

With Zukor games the client can play with one of the popular games or the Media Player.

The latest version of BioTrace+ Software (for the NeXus 4, 10 or 32 units) can utilise the following screens with Zukor games

BioTrace+ Screens for use with Zukor Games

The Games on offer are as follows

  • Drive - Challenging driving game with 15 diverse vehicles on 5 high-quality tracks.
  • Sports1 - 10 popular sports games. It uses simple gameplay action with an “accuracy” gameplay dynamic and a central visual focus.
  • Carnival - 10 games, based upon the simple, classic games featured in carnivals, state fairs and amusement park.
  • Air - A flying themed feedback game featuring high-quality aircraft, animals and fantasy creatures.

In addition, Zukor media Player - Provides the ultimate choice, flexibility and features for using all types of media for patient feedback training.

If you would like to learn more about Zuko games, MIndMedia hosted a webinar in collaboration with Sam Turcotte (president of Zukor Interactive). You can watch the recording here which features Zukor Air and Media Player.


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