Looking for the best biofeedback devices?

Identifying the best biofeedback devices can be a challenge. NeXus biofeedback and neurofeedback systems are on track to be the leaders in the field and used by doctors, therapists, engineers and scientists around the world.  We will take a look at the reasons for this. 

Having said that, what is judged the "best" biofeedback product will always ultimately be shaped by the nature of the application.  Obviously we would not advocate a NeXus 32 unit and sensors being used in a home environment for a stress management application. 

There are quite a few providers of biofeedback devices and they range from professional, medical grade systems to inexpensive home devices. You have to match the application to the specific technical specification.

The NeXus systems offer in our view the best multimodal/multichannel solutions for measurement, analysis and feedback of human behavior, for professional use in health and performance applications.

The NeXus 4, NeXus 10 and NeXus 32 biofeedback and neurofeedback units - contenders for the best biofeedback devices

Qualities of the NeXus units

The NeXus biofeedback hardware is not particularly aimed at the home use market but the high-end University research, military, medical and sport/human performance market. This means that these designs offer a number of outstanding qualities compared with competitor systems

  • Precision: The hardware and software is designed for high fidelity measurement of physiological signals.  All the units - the NeXus 4, NeXus 10 and the NeXus 32 offer 24 bit recording
  • Flexibility: The hardware and software can be used in many applications. In particular the BioTrace+ software is highly customizable and powerful but easy to learn. This means that users can deploy the NeXus units in new projects as needs evolve. Whether your interest is biofeedback, neurofeedback or physiological recording you have all the flexibility you need.
  • Freedom: The NeXus sensor technology provides artifact-free measurement. Because of the wireless communication opportunities, it also provides a high freedom of movement which is appreciated in many application areas.
  • Reliability: The noise-free measurements provide for accurate recordings. The certified medical grade technology of the NeXus units mean that you can trust the sensors and systems to be used for clinical applications and with guaranteed quality. Check that the brands you consider are CE marked for use in Europe - you might be surprised to see that they aren't.
  • Ease of use: The software is easy to use because of the implementation of plug-and-play principles. The reports are easy to generate and provide a simple but comprehensive presentation of the data.  Many screens and processes are provided as standard but custom applications can be easily catered for.

In the UK our main clients favouring the NeXus 10 and the NeXus 32 are University departments involved in diverse areas such as sport, psychology, bioengineering, music,  performing arts, neuroscience and even product design. These systems offer a broad range of simultaneous data capture and analysis capabilities. In addition, the NeXus 10 and 32 can utilise the Trigger Interface that can synchronise data capture with other "real world" events.   The NeXus 4 is often used by clinicians and therapists in private practice. They can enjoy the accuracy and flexibility of this system without the extra costs of of the 10 and 32 channel units.

You can check out and compare the NeXus product range and we are happy to advise on system configuration and provide a quote for UK and Ireland clients.  Customers outside oif the UK can be connected with a dealer nearby in many cases.