Choosing your NeXus for EEG measurement

We often are asked for "Everything I need to carry out EEG measurement or biofeedback". It sounds like a simple question but actually there are a number of aspects to this question (not least what budget you have) and a bit of thought will almost certainly lead to a more refined quote - and something much more relevant to the situation.

The first consideration is what will be the intended application? Is it clinical or research? For most clinical EEG measurement if the aim is to carry out EEG biofeedback (neurofeedback) then a NeXus 4 or NeXus 10 will be a good choice. If you aim to delve into the world of qEEG then the NeXus 32 will be the best choice.  Many times, researchers need to synchronise data capture with someother "real world" event and if that is the case you will need the trigger Interface and a NeXus 10 or 32 for the study.

Once you have clarified the application you can start to pin down the elements of the system. The image below shows some typical system choices for a NeXus 4, 10 and 32. Basically you will always need Sensors, Electrodes, some accessories and perhaps some additional supplies. For neurofeedback applications you will need at least an EXG Sensor and EXG Ground as shown below.  For those of you that are looking for qEEG measurements then the NeXus 32 supports a "full cap" measurement approach with all related accessories.

Choices for an EEG measurement application

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