It's not just the NeXus hardware

Once upon a time if we wanted to measure a number of physiological signals at the same time it was often a challenge.  You would need knowledge of instrumentation, signal processing and measurement principles as well as serious know-how about the physiological signals you wanted to capture. 

Sample rates, analogue to digital conversion resolution, signal levels, operational amplifier input impedance, electrical safety and more were things that couldn't be taken for granted.  With a modern NeXus system from Mind Media a lot of these issues can be handled very easily.  When you combine a NeXus 10 with the sensors designed for it and work with BioTrace+ software you have a situation in which you are able to "plug and play" - at least as close to that as we would recommend.

In the short video below we glimpse a "quick start" of BioTrace+ software with a NeXus 10 unit from Mind Media.  We just dive into the signal library and you can see a range of options available as standard including EEG, SCP (Slow cortical potential), Z Score (qEEG database), EOG (eye movement tracking), EMG, ECG, Skin conductance, Skin temperature, Blood volume pulse, respiration rate, Oxygen, HRV (heart rate variability) and more.

The beauty of the system is that you have so many starting points available as standard that many common research and clinical situations are covered effortlessly. Yet if you want to customise or go "off piste" you can still do that.  The NeXus hardware and software work together so you can focus more and more on your application.  The sensors are all designed to work with the NeXus units which ensures that safety and fidelity are not taken for granted.