Research supports the Pip for stress reduction

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Stress is an inescapable part of life that's for sure - and it's not all bad.  We need the challenge - unless the perception of that challenge pushes us into overload.  Of course it's not the same for all of us and it's not easy to quantify when challenge trips into overload. The complexity and pace of modern living challenges us and that isn't going to change.  

When we as individuals don't have strategies to manage our stress there are well-known consequences.  In the short term, unremitting stress can lead to poor performance at work and in life; poor decisions, irritability, poor sleep and much more.  In the longer term, many of the conditions that shorten lives and age our bodies become much more likely with significant damage to the individual and to society.

There are endless articles about stress and techniques to deal with it and some involve biofeedback approaches.  Yes I can learn to meditate, but in the midst of my busy life I might even worry about whether I am doing it right.  I want efficient, effective, discrete approaches to deal with stress. I will use technology if it's easy to use but I don't want to be dependent on it for ever.

The PIP comes with engaging games

The PIP comes with engaging games

The beauty of biofeedback is that we, through technology, can be given much more information - real clarity - about exactly what is happening inside our bodies.  

The Pip is a great little biofeedback device (using EDA or electrodermal activity) that provides insight into the moment to moment state of our autonomic nervous system - the fight or flight response that is activated when we are chasing the demands of life.  This little device links wirelessly to a smartphone or tablet and uses a number of engaging apps to allow the user to identify and change their stress response.  The Apps also link to a secure cloud-based platform to allow session data to be stored and reviewed.  It's a very discrete technology that doesn't take much effort to use and is very engaging.  The question is - does it work?

Trinity College Dublin recently published a study  by Dillon et al entitled “Smartphone applications utilizing biofeedback can aid stress reduction”. This study involving 50 university students compared the use of the Pip’s companion Apps with a conventional gaming App. It concluded that using Pip significantly reduced the short-term psychological and physiological signs of stress. These findings were recently published in Frontiers of Psychology, a leading peer-reviewed psychology journal.

Researchers noted that 30 minutes use of the Pip following a stress-induction procedure significantly reduced heart rate and perceived stress in a sample of 25 university students when compared to an equally-sized control group playing a conventional gaming App for the same time period.

Specifically, using Pip’s companion Apps ‘Relax and Race’ and ‘The Loom’ for 15 minutes each reduced self-reported stress by 50% compared to 18% in the control group and heart rate by 8% compared to 2% in the control group.  

Learn more about the Pip here - an investment in your health

Derek Jones