Stressed Out? Try science!

Debbie Vyskocil began as an electrical engineer at Illinois Institute of Technology with a passion for neuroscience. Events introduced her to the science behind Biofeedback and the electrical systems in our brain. Board certified, she works with individuals and leading corporations training clients to handle stress in healthier ways and take their brains to an optimal balance.

This TEDx talk is a great, quick introduction to stress and biofeedback. 

It shows you the signals of stress in your everyday life and how that effects your overall health - warning: this may shock you! You can be a seemingly healthy individual, doing all the right things to 'be healthy', but, if you are holding on to and not addressing your stress you dramatically increase your risk of things like a heart attack. Hardly seems fair does it?

The problem is many of us are stubborn. We don't like to think that we can get stressed. Over time we learn to ignore the muscle tension, the headache or the sleepless nights. We push on through and end up in a state of chronic stress. 

What one person finds stressful, another may not (there is a lovely example of this in the video) - which is another factor that presents us from acknowledging 'stress'. Perhaps it is difficult to identify or impossible to remove. The 'new email' sound is a classic example of this!

This video explains how you might use biofeedback to measure and manage your body's response to stress. It gives a nice overview of the signals your body gives when it is under stress and how these can be measured and trained over time.