Biofeedback accessories and NeXus sensors

The NeXus product line includes a wide range of biofeedback accessories including NeXus sensors designed for noise cancellation and high performance.  We also supply electrodes for biofeedback, neurofeedback and physiological monitoring that allow professionals to measure, analyse and train a wide range of physiological processes taking place inside the body. Many of these processes can be measured simultaneously and include; EEG, EMG, EOG, ECG, HRV, BVP, SC/GSR, SpO2, SCP, respiration, temperature and more. 

Quality & Accuracy

NeXus biofeedback sensors, like the systems, are manufactured in an ISO 13485 certified facility. The NeXus range are FDA registered and certified as medical CE class 11(a) device. All the systems are built with high quality electronics to acquire excellent signals with minimal artifacts. The NeXus biofeedback line is made with cutting edge noise cancellation technology, carbon coated cables and high medical grade connectors so you can be confident in the accuracy of the signals acquired. 

To see the full range of sensors available please go to our Online Store or Ask Us for a recommendation. 

Blunt needles for rapid gel application. 

Nexus EEG Accessories

Working with neurofeedback is now easier and faster than ever! Designed for professionals who want quality EEG signals with minimal mess and reduced set up time, we carry a range of accessories includuding electrodes, cleaning materials and conducting gels

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Measure BVP, temperature, skin conductance and more.

Measure BVP, temperature, skin conductance and more.

NeXus Sensors

We have a wide range of sensors for biofeedback measurements including Respiration, Skin Conductance, Temperature, Blood Volume Pulse and more.  
The EXG Sensor is a dual channel sensor that delivers 2 signals of EEG, sEMG, ECG, EOG, or any combination. To measure a particular modality, you just snap on the appropriate electrode and attach it to the client.

The NeXus EXG Sensor uses proprietary carbon technology combined with active noise cancellation technology. Instead of "hiding" noise and artifacts with the classic filter approach, it simply measures the external noise and substracts it, resulting in cleaner signals and less artifacts. 
Note: measuring electrophysiological signals always requires a ground. Therefore when using this sensor make sure to also use the EXG Ground

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Electrodes for EMG

Electrodes for EMG

NeXus Electrodes

The electrodes support high quality and accurate measurements and are suitable for almost all biofeedback and neurofeedback applications. 

The electrodes are available gelled or ungelled and in different sizes to suit the intended application. 

Please ask us if you have any queries about which electrodes you require.

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NeXus Trigger Interface

NeXus Trigger Interface

Other Biofeedback Accessories

We supply a number of accessories to improve your experience with NeXus even further including a trigger switch, carry case, spare batteries and charger. We also recommend other devices and accessories that can be used to complement your biofeedback or neurofeedback training. 

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