At Fixxl we "Bring technology to Life" -

Working with great products that can impact dramatically on quality of life following a catastrophic injury, neurological condition or illness.  Our products are great but they are not perfect.  You don't care about products so much as the problems that they help you to solve. We understand this and aim to wrap the best service and support we can to - bring technology to life

We team up with researchers and clinicians such as therapists, surgeons and neuropsychologists to ensure that our products are destined to impact on a user's quality of life. 

Fixxl Ltd was founded by Dr Derek Jones and Ms Carolyn Jones to improve the lives of those challenged with cognitive and physical disability.   Our clinical knowledge spans many aspects of rehabilitation and we offer products to the NHS, and private clients and organisations.

Our corporate site can be viewed at Our other product sites are - software for cognitive rehabilitation - professional biofeedback solutions from Mind Media BV.

We are proud partners of Hasomed GmbH (Germany), Bioservo Technologies AB (Sweden) and Mind Media BV (Netherlands)